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The Vrdolyak Law Group Recovers $2.6 Million for Injured Immigrant, Helps Her Get U.S. Citizenship

CHICAGO, March 21, 2017 - The Vrdolyak Law Group recovered over $2.6 million at a jury trial for a Mexican-born woman who was injured in a motor vehicle accident in Illinois, and helped her get U.S. citizenship in the process.

At the time of the motor vehicle accident, the woman was working in a factory making $8 per hour and was not a U.S. citizen. "She had no resources, didn't speak English, and didn't know where to turn. People need to know that they are protected by the law even if they're not a U.S. citizen, and that there are people who care," said Peter Vrdolyak, Partner.

Initially, the insurance company offered the woman a $125,000 settlement. "The judge told me that was a good offer and that I should take it. But, my lawyers at Vrdolyak Law told me we could do better," said the woman.

The Vrdolyak Law Group took the case to jury trial, where a jury awarded the woman a verdict of $2.6 million.

"Along the way, Vrdolyak Law helped me get my citizenship. They really care about me and my kids," said the woman.

In addition to helping the woman get her U.S. citizenship, the Vrdolyak Law Group also helped her find a realtor and financial advisor to help her safely invest her money for her family's future.

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